What Are Symbiotic Systems?

In all cases, I should be able to work your hands, feet and ears as I hard as I can and you say "Ahhh" instead of "AGHHHH!" In all cases, my job is to stay within your comfort zone until we get to the "Ahhh" point where the symptom you came to see me for is often gone. Pain is our measurement of resolving the unbalanced area.

Your body is comprised of a number of different systems which are designed to work together in harmony in a state called "homeostasis". This is a balance of all systems working together to keep you in good health. When you are out of balance, that is when illness sets in. Reflexologists are alerted to the unbalanced area as it announces itself through pain. The most important system in your body is your endrocrine system which releases hormones and other chemicals to regulate all your other different systems. When this body system is out of balance, wrong instructions are being issued to other body systems and this unbalance is often a root cause of whatever complaint you come in with. Regardless of the symptoms, the job of a reflexologist is to bring these many body systems back into balance and in doing so restore the homeostasis in the body. Not only do I use reflex therapies to help restore homeostasis, I stack the deck in your favor by including other non-toxic healing modalities to help you recover. Here, you won't find harmful solutions to your health problems like possibly destroying your liver to cure your nail fungus or some nonsense like that. Only non-toxic drug free therapies that work together for your benefit, which if they don't work, won't harm you.

I work on the premise that your success is my success, which is why I am always learning and refining my Symbiotic Systems with new information to help you recover.

I learned a new healing modality, Touch For Health (TFH) in June 2014. In TFH I use muscle testing as a method of biofeedback to identify imbalances in the body's energy system. Using a holistic approach (as in my other modalities), I rebalance the body's energies and activate the body's intrinsic healing process so that the body can better heal itself. Well, this year I took both classes of TFH again since one component of the whole system worked so well with reflexology, I forgot how to do the other techniques. However, you'll see, if you read about me, I often take classes over again to insure I get the technique.

I'm very excited in adding this new modality. I feel it rounds out my main reflex/energy therapies and completes the Symbiotic Systems I use to help you. I feel I now cover all the bases to help you in many different ways, all at the same time and all for the same cost in the fastest way possible. Fast is the hallmark of reflexology in general and my work is particular.

I specializes in pain reduction, often within the first 15-30 minute session using a few drugless, non-toxic healing systems which work in a symbiotic way around my base therapy, therapeutic reflexology. This first quick session however, shows your condition can be affected by reflexology and/or the other drugless, non-toxic therapies employed to assist you in recovering. I see one session wonders (miracles) all the time but often, a few more sessions are needed to fully address or resolve the problem. Reflexology is unique as you have a measure of progress: your reflexes tell you (us) when you are done as I explained above in the "What are Symbiotic Systems" section.

I am a reflexologist which is the service I provide for the fee you pay me. I am pleased to be one of just a hand full of United States reflexologists to attain registration on the ART international “Register of Advanced Reflexologists” which assures consumers they will receive the highest standard of therapeutic reflexology. All other modalities employed seeking to help you are included on a nothing ventured, nothing gained basis because with a very few exceptions, there are no contraindications and no side effects other than you may get better a lot faster. I specialize in therapeutic reflexology which is quite different than reflexology you get at spa's by massage therapists with a few hours of class. I always work within my clients comfort zone, but there is purpose behind my actions rather than providing you with a nice foot massage. They are two different animals as proven through clinical trials (simple foot massage is used to measure baseline improvement).

Your success is my success. My approach is the faster I am able to help you, the sooner you tell someone about it and that's how I stay in business.

For this reason, I try and stack the deck in your favor by using other symbiotic drugless therapies whose downside if they don’t work is… well, they don’t work. No toxic side effects. They simply don’t work and these drugless modalities all can be, and have been, used safely in conjunction with medical drug intervention documented in the past century. As far as I’m concerned, therapeutically effective stimulation of the whole being with hand, ear and foot and face reflexology is the reason for my clients success and the reason medical centers and research studies list such a diverse range of conditions improved by, in most cases referenced, simply foot reflexology. My job is to bring into balance your whole system.

I’m a results junkie. My specialty is hand, ear, foot and face reflexology which I feel helps to insure I can produce similar results as those reported by medical centers and research studies using foot reflexology alone. The proof is always in the puddin'.

My twelve years of experience, training from the worlds foremost experts and continuing education is what gives me the confidence to help those with all kinds of pain conditions, without drugs and harmful side effects find relief. My Mom, in the pain phase, just prior to her death from lung cancer, asked me to help her with her pain so I know without fail from her asking for help, that the research studies are correct, reflexology is very effective for pain relief.

Most of my clients discover reflexology out of desperation or through word of mouth by friends who see their friends in desperation. Many have tried everything, but nothing really helps their condition. That’s about the time my clients usually walk into my office, beaten down by their condition, but not beaten and still seeking a solution.

The sad part is I also am unable to help some who are seeking help. I see miracles all the time, but not everyone gets a miracle or gets help for the specific condition they came to see me for. Results are what matter and results which encourage hope are known very early on (15 minutes to ten half hour sessions). I won’t continue to encourage you to continue spending your money on my services when you are not improving AND your reflexes say I can do no more to help this specific reason you came to see me.

Your reflexes tell us when you reach that point when the pain is gone in the reflexes.

A reflexologist should be able to work your reflexes as hard as he/she wants and you are in bliss. Really enjoying the session. That is our objective and the condition we wish to maintain once you reach that point. The point is called “homeostasis”, where your body is working as an integrated, balanced, symbiotic system. That is, working “AS BEST AS IT CAN BE” under present circumstances what ever those circumstances could be. Sometimes age is implicated in health conditions and reaching a state “as best as it can be” is a good state to be in. As I work toward our goal during the session, I always work within your comfort level because of “hot spots (reflexes)” which get your attention instantly. I don't feel grinding hard on the painful reflex does anything to help with your stress relief and relaxation which is a goal of the session. When I encounter “hot spots”, my job is to work them out, within your comfort level, thereby improving circulation, nerve impulses and energy to the corresponding reflex area in your body. When the “hot spot” is gone, reflexology theory considers that area “balanced” and most often, you have the relief you seek. This is why I should be able to work you as hard as I want/need (but always within your comfort zone). This tells both of us you are in balance with yourself and my job is no longer health repair, but instead helping you stay at “homeostasis” with once in a while tune ups when you think you need it.

It's much more pleasant to maintain health with reflexology than try and recover from poor health.

As I said, I’m a results junky. I really enjoy seeing my clients regain hope and then regain their health and lives so I stack the deck in my clients favor by adding complementary modalities to my reflexology base modality. My intention is to help you recover your health as quickly as possible and if you come in on a regular basis until your reflexes are no longer painful, I am convinced you will note the improvement in your overall health yourself within a few sessions. Father Joseph, my teacher from China said with persistence, all manner of illness can be addressed with short daily sessions. Father Joseph had RA so bad he didn't like to move. He himself is the success story as he no longer has the RA symptoms. I'm a fan of shorter sessions more often also. Further, my newest teacher, Devendra Vora, says any disease including cancer and HIV can be cured (and he has been documented thousands of times to do so). His work, his system of healing is what I teach in my 30 day class "The Science of Natural Healing". Five minutes twice a day balances and restores all systems so that you may effectively become your own healer. Do you like lavender? In small amounts it helps you relax. In large amounts it stimulates you. I like lavender in small amounts in my office most of the time with the objective of adding just one more component to help you recover your health by easing your stress. Stress is implicated in over 70 percent of illness which is why stress relief, even for a short time is important. Do you like sound? Music therapy is very powerful as demonstrated by Congresswoman Gabby Giffords unexpected progress in her recovery from an assignation attempt. PBS did a real nice story on it. Anyway, I like sound, the doctors like sound and unless you don't like sound, you can expect to hear something nice if not useful too.

Vibroacoustic Therapy. King of Stress Relief.

Just making a mention here. I've included a vibroacoustic option in my work. It's a blend of music/sound therapy and vibration Therapy. Every part of the body resonates at a different vibrations. The PHD's know these vibrations and construct vibroacoustic CD's covering a wide range of conditions. Reflexology is very relaxing and then adding a vibroacoustic session for a half hour or more give your body the break it needs to start the recovery process naturally, without drugs.

This is how I stay in business. Your success is my success. I like that motivation. The sooner you see improvement in your own condition, the sooner you tell others I may be able to help them too. Please don't be shy. :)

If you are wondering if reflexology can help you or not and are in pain. Don’t wonder anymore. Just come see me as most experience some measure, and often, total pain relief within 30 minutes. Will it hold? Everyone is different. More than one client from out of town with pain down their leg for ten or more years have seen years of relief from a 15 minute session at a farmers market, The Sun Valley Wellness Festival or Ketchum Art Show I do every year. Others take longer. Again, more work needs to be done until the reflexes tell us they are done as per above. I can't be self serving saying come back, come back. The reflexes tell us of your progress. When they are tender, you need me. When the reflexes are not tender and the session is max enjoyable, we're done and the problem you came to see me for is often gone too. I tell people with long time conditions, give me three hour sessions. You should see progress, hopefully from the first session on, but within the three session which will give your the confidence you may have found your solution to your condition. I encourage you to visit my "Health Benefits" page. Look at all the pain inducing conditions medical centers say are helped by reflexology. Migraine Headaches, back pain, general aches and pains, joint pain, arthritis, this that and more. Girls who suffer during that time of the month, don’t delay. It is my experience that the medical centers AND research studies are totally correct when they say reflexology can help you during this time. If you are wondering if reflexology can help you or not, see what major medical centers and research studies say reflexology can help on my health benefits page and if your condition is listed, please come see me as there is a very good chance I can help you. If you are wondering if reflexology can help you or not and your condition is not listed, invest in a 60 minute session in my office or during one of my stops around Idaho and see what happens. This hour gives me plenty of time to try and help you and hopefully you’ll see a positive result. Remember, fast is the hallmark of my work. If not that day then in the weeks to come as once a reflexologist opens even a tiny opening in the dam (blockage) (hot spot) your body works for us and the opening gets a little larger over time as blood forces its way thru the opening like a crack in a dam. This is a basic principal of reflexology. The importance of a number of short sessions in a short time is that each session helps the blood make a bigger opening in the dam (blockage) and when the pain goes away, the dam (blockage) has been washed away and the “hot spot” goes away too taking the concern with it. Weekly sessions are helpful, but three sessions in a week will often produce faster results. (That's why I offer a discounted three session specials. I expect your success.) For conditions not listed by medical centers, your proof will be in the puddin’ or not. The good news is other conditions may improve as a result of the session and there is no down side as everyone could use a full body tune up and stress relief which is a by-product of every reflexology session. Just ask me, after 12 years I have a good idea what works or is a "let's see what happens" condition. Here is a very important distinction between reflexology and all other healing modalities. The reason reflexology enhances all other modalities is because reflexology not only tunes up the outside of your body, but the inside as well including glands and organs by improving blood circulation throughout your body. Your investment in your health will remain an investment in your health even if the reason for seeing me was not helped as much as we would like. Please take a look at other pages on this site especially the “Health Benefits” page. Medical centers are qualified to say what conditions are helped by reflexology so I‘ve listed their comments on this page. The National Institutes of Health are qualified to say what conditions are helped by vibroacoustic sound/music therapy. I’m not a doctor and am not qualified to say reflexology is good for this or that condition or not. I work without diagnosis, without drugs and am not trained/qualified to tell you why your shoulder, back, neck, knee is in pain, that is your doctors job as he/she is qualified to do so. To a reflexologist you say it hurts here and we know what to do through our training regardless of what the muscle, bone or condition name is. Results will speak or not speak for themselves. I’d say my four main therapies are in tune on a number of conditions and ready to help you. Add in color therapy as a bonus and I may just brighten your day, but it‘s up to you to make an appointment and walk through my door. You must take the first step to help yourself. Please see reservations page and schedule and schedule your appointment today.

With reflexology, all conditions listed by medical centers are
improved at the same time and all at the same cost.
Now that’s cost effective health care reform!

Thank you again for visiting “reflex4usa.com”. Please take a moment to contact your elected representative to help make them aware of the benefits of reflexology and the continued use of drugs proven to actually cause dementia. Please follow the "Help Reflexology" tab. I've set it up to make it easy. There is a form letter you cut and past, add a few personal comments and hit “Send”. (OR THERE WILL BE AN UPDATED VERSION IN A FEW DAYS)

The more of you who take a moment to help inform your representatives of the benefits reflexology offers and the dangers of drugs, especially in your personal situation (how reflexology helped you), the greater chance someone will take notice.

Best wishes,

Mark Cook, ART (Regd).