I can see where it might be considered a leap of faith to some, but to those who attend my "Science of Natural Healing" class. It's a scientific fact.

Come in to my client reading area and browse the many books I have on natural healing and you'll discover the same thing, only it will take you longer. Even though your body has been degrading since you were born as you go through the stages of life, there are ways to delay this aging process.

I am 1000 percent convinced you will have a better quality of life if you excersize on a regular basis.

I am 1000 percent convinced you will have a better quality of life if you adjust you diet to what suits you best.

I am 1000 percent convinced you will have a better quality of life if you utilize reflexology as preventative health care.

"Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality". Einstein

I know a guy ( who can throw you across the room without touching you. I knew his Master, who could throw a whole room of San Francisco's top martial artist across the room with a smile on her face, demonstrating and utilizing the energy that is within us all. Viisit the website of my friend John Cole, he can show you how to cultivate real qi and perhaps attain the level he has (which would be pleasing to him). As it would if I practiced, as much as I preach. :) John and I go back to 1982 together.

So in my modalities section I start with energy. And the manipulation of said energy.

Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality" is what one of the greatest minds in history said. I say, the proof is in the puddin' And I agree with the one of the greatest minds in history because I have proven it to myself over and over and over again. My cats don't know the outcome I'm seeking when I use color therapy on them. The results are astounding and so is the reduction in Vet bills. I utilize a number of different healing modalities utilizing energy, but I consider this part of the gift everyone says I have (and I agree, a wonderful gift) however, man has named these modalities as Qi Gong Therapy (I started with John in 1986 or so. It was with John that I started feeling energy in 2007), Healing Touch, Touch For Health and I've explored a number of other energy modalities and it seems they all approach minipulipating the same energy in differnet ways, but it's the same energy and many paths cross.

In my own case, I am so grateful for the gift.

So, continuing on. If vibrations are things, that leads us into Color Therapy. A brilliant man, by the name of Dinshah, discovered if you used the same filter with the same frequency to produce the color, you would get the same results, building on the works of Dr. Edwin Babbitt. Utilizing and proving the works of Dinshah, a medical doctor, Dr. Kate Baldwin detailed her work in the Philidelphia Womans Hospital using color therapy for 12 years with hospital records to verify her work over those 12 years utilizing 17 color therapy rooms at the hospital. Dr. Baldwin, wasn't a fly by night either, she was the Senior Surgen of the hospital with records to prove her effectiveness using color therapy.

"For about six years I have given close attention to the action of colors in restoring the body functions, and I am perfectly honest in saying that, after nearly thirty-seven years of active hospital and private practice in medicine and surgery, I can produce quicker and more accurate results with colors than with any or all other methods combined - and with less strain on the patient". - Dr. Kate Baldwin, Atlantic Medical Journal of April 1927.

When the hospital chose to serve the god of mammon instead of the God of compassion, Dr. Baldwin chose to give up her post as senior surgeon rather than give up color therapy. She went on to successfully defend color therapy in two medical fraud challenges to the effectiveness of color therapy or more precicely, was color therapy effective or not. She, Dr. Baldwin, proved color therapy (frequency) was a valid therapy beyond a shadow of a doubt in both court cases. It wasn't until Dinshahs equipment was classified as a "medical device" that color therapy was defeated by the drug companies who poison us for profit today.

Other healing modalities I utilize that are energy based include:

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Qi Gong Therapy - Touch for Health - Healing Touch - Korean Hand Therapy