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Menu of Service Provided to Help Restore Your Health

All sessions include advanced therapeutic reflexology and the other drug free, non-toxic modalities I may employ to help you recover your health. If you are in good health and have your stress under control, the basic rule will be shorter sessions as necessary. If you don't take care of yourself (good time to start! Try my "Science of Natural Healing" class for ideas how) longer sessions will be more helpful for you. If you suffer from stress, longer sessions including VibroAcoustic Therapy (contraindicated (meaning don't do) for pacemakers) will be more helpful for you. Your reflexes will tell us what you require.

VibroAcoustic Reflexology(TM) - 90 minutes, $120.00

As mentioned elsewhere, stress is so important to overcome. The reason this is my top line therapy is because this session allows you a 90 minute time out from your day. If you are in great health with few or no "Hot Spots", the 90 minutes will focus on stress relief (Please see our VibroAcoustic Page for a description of the service). And yes, I would be happy to call you a taxi to get back home safely :) Those with "Hot Spots" will have me focusing more on their symbiotic systems with my blend of reflex therapies for the hour and then a relaxing 30 minutes on the VibroAcoustic Lounger.

VibroAcoustic Reflexology(TM) - 60 minutes, $100.00

30 minutes (or so) or each, advanced therapeutic reflex therapies and 30 minutes on the VibroAcoustic Lounger. Multiple session packages will be available at a discount once your initial session is complete.

Advanced Therapeutic Reflexology - 60 minutes, $80.00

Advanced Therapeutic Reflexology - 30 minutes, $45.00

VibroAcoustic Therapy (VAT) - Different programs run longer or shorted and are charged at $1.00 when not combined with reflexology.

VAT is a healing modality in itself.I find excellent success with asthma. The need for oxygen is greatly reduced. Everyone with asthma should purchase a VibroAcoustic Lounger if they find the their "ride" on the lounger helped them. My experience is clients feel the difference within a day and more "rides" keeps improving the condition until oxygen is found to be unnecessary. Of course, everyone is different, but most can tell if they have been helped in one session or not.