RAPEUTIC REFLEXOLOGY IS NOT A FOOT MASSAGE‚Äč It's not a leap of faith either.

Over 380 clinical trials have found reflexology to be 93 percent effective in 63 different conditions.

As my clients come into my office, one of the first questions I ask them is have they ever experienced reflexology before, most have not. Those who have and those who have not get reminded that I am looking for pain in their hands, feet and ears which tells me where they are unbalanced and not to suffer because it is my intention to stay within my clients comfort range where ever that is. Inflicting pain to me is not reducing stress and that is the point. As my clients get better I can add more pressure.

After a session it is very common to hear "Wow, I've never had reflexology like that before" from those who said they have had reflexology before. That's because anyone can call themselves a reflexologist and it's really buyer beware. When I first because a reflexologist I visited many reflexology centers only to be profoundly disappointed since I had been trained by the world's foremost expert. Today, I only go to those healers of any kind, who come well recommended because I value both my time and money. Saving you suffering, time and money are three good reasons to come see me.

This website is in the process of being re-written and information abounds on reflexology and when I get a chance I will update this page. Please see "About Mark" to learn about my schooling. My teachers are the foremost experts in the world.