My foundational class is called "The Science of Natural Healing"

My foundational class is called "The Science of Natural Healing" Heal yourself, become the family healer or start a new career

No one will dispute the old saying "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" THE BEST PREVENTION IS TO STAY AWAY FROM MEDICATIONS

Welcome to my new school. My name is Mark Cook, ART (Regd) and those initials behind my name denote that I have attended a post-Certification course of study in Advanced Reflexology Training (ART) and that consumers can be confident that they will receive the highest quality of therapeutic reflexology from those who also have attained membership on the Register of Advanced Reflexologists as I have. Now that that is out of the way, reflexology is a hands on therapy and someone can have every letter behind their name and still not be able to provide quality therapeutic reflexology. There is no regulation in Idaho. Today, you can't go from one reflexologist to another and get the same quality service. It's a sorry fact and for this reason, I founded the Symbiotic Systems School of Advanced Reflexology and Drug Free Therapies so that I may staff my clinics with the best students who can get the same results as I do and give consumers a viable alternative to medications where possible. National standards, to be classified as a professional reflexologist, require 300 hours of study. In Washington, you can't call yourself a reflexologist unless you are nationally certified. Hopefully, all states will require minimum requirements in the future. Because of the heavy emphasis on anatomy, the majority of the time is spent studying anatomy which is sad because it's proper technique that matters and basic anatomy is all you need. Students of the International Institute of Reflexology never needed advanced anatomy. I'm proof, I've never taken an anatomy class (everyone says I have a gift) and because I had the world's foremost experts as my teachers, it can only be my technique I have learned from my teachers that makes the difference. Herein, is also the reason this class is my foundational class. I'm embarrassed by my ignorance when a medical doctor, physical therapist or another medical type person comes in as a client and expects to speak professional to professional with anatomy speak and I have to tell him/her I don't understand them. I'm learning, but technique is more my focus. This class, "The Science of Natural Healing" will insure you won't be ignorant of natural healing methods which will instill confidence in your clients if you do choose to pursue certification as a Symbiotic Systems Therapist. Unfortunately, I don't get to set the standards, so 300 hours it is to attain a certificate of competence. Fortunately, it won't take you that long to become employed with me and even sooner than that, you will be able to help yourself, your loved ones and your friends. Almost immediately actually, as I teach you a daily hand map as your core therapy.

Since learning about the body is core to national standards, my foundational class will start with a four week long class "The Science of Natural Healing" which starts October 28th in my office at 1310 So. Vista, Suite 4 in Boise Wednesday and Thursday night from 6-9 p.m. and will run for the next four weeks ending November 19th.

This class provides an overview of science based natural healing in 30 minute segments covering a wide range of subjects (see below) that serves three purposes. First, you'll discover what science based natural healing options to medications are out there from an acknowledged expert M.D. which you can put to use immediately in your life and share the knowledge with others who may benefit, second, you need the class time for national standards if you choose to continue your education to become a certified reflexologist, and third, you'll need this background if you choose to persue a career as a Symbiotic Systems Advanced Reflexology Therapist so when clients come in saying they have tried this and that, you'll have the knowledge of many different healing methods which will instill a confidence that both you and your clients will appreciate. Even if you don't care to pursue a career in reflexology, the knowledge you'll attain from these lectures will show you a vast array of different healing methods which may be helpful in your quest to reduce your medications. Even though I feel reflexology should be the core therapy of all health care, the second core has to be diet and nutrition. You'll be amazed how adjusting your diet can have drastic affects on your health. For example, if you have an unknown allergy to the food you eat and that food is removed from your diet, within a very short time (natural healing speaking) perhaps your aching joints stop aching or the acid reflex and gut problems you had all your life is gone. The first night you'll be introduced to the "elimination diet" which those who choose to, can start so they will end near the end of our class. Everyone will benefit from seeing the results in those who choose to try the diet. The 25 hour program is broken into three hour segments providing 1 & 1/2 hours of lectures on three different natural healing topics. You will not fall asleep, each 1/2 hour discussion of those topics is very interesting (you'll be taking notes) and well presented. We'll have a 1/2 hour to discuss what we just experienced and then proceed with an hour of hand acupressure and basic foot reflexology you can also put to use right away. The emphases of this class will be on self care with hand acupressure, the teachings of Devendra Vora (required books), introduction to foot reflexology and exploring what natural healing methods are available which may be used to help you, your family and friends. Hopefully, a spark will be ignited and you'll find yourself pursuing a new career as a Symbiotic Systems Advanced Therapeutic Reflexologist in one of my healing centers. At the end of the course of study 30 days will have gone past. 30 days where those still taking the drugs that will cause them a greater risk of dementia and for my students 30 days of discovery how to deal with health issues in a natural, drug free way. 30 days where my students will be working on their own ills, those of their family and friends and business associates too building a confidence only experience and success can provide. Those who chose to do the elimination diet will be well into it and the rest of us will benefit from their experience. Further, now that we all speak the same terminology and future class time won't be spent explaining basic natural healing modalities, those who finish this class may attend further classes now that our foundation has been laid.


Wednesday, Today, we get to know each other and learn the very basics of reflexology. Lectures will be centered around how we fit into the new emerging health care paradigm, understanding holistic Integrative Medicine and you'll be introduced to the dangers of food sensitivity and the elimination diet to discover hidden food sensitivity . Thursday, Now that we know each other, on to more serious things. Starting with food and how what you eat affects your genes and how by choosing correct foods you can change your health. You'll learn why food matters and why not all food is created equal. More practice, homework and discussion on Dr. Vora's book (our text book) and foot reflexology.


Those doing the elimination diet will be one week into it tonight. Wednesday, Discussion of past homework, today we explore natural approaches to inflammation, vitamins and supplements and herbal remedies. These half hour segments are quite interesting. More practice, homework and discussion on Dr. Vora's book (our text book) and foot reflexology. Thursday, Discussion of past homework and an exploration of how to lower cholesterol naturally, treating high blood pressure naturally and treating diabetes naturally. Wait until you see what sodium does to you and how changing your diet could change your life. More practice, homework and discussion on Dr. Vora's book (our text book) and foot reflexology.


Two weeks into the elimination diet for those doing it. Wednesday, Discussion of past homework, STRESS! Is the subject matter for tonight. Stress and the mind body connection, turning stress into strength and methods like meditation, yoga and guided imagery to help reduce stress. More More practice, homework and discussion on Dr. Vora's book (our text book) and foot reflexology. Thursday, Discussion of past homework, tonight we discover natural approaches to mental health, Bio (energy) Fields and the healing power of love. More practice, homework and discussion on Dr. Vora's book (our text book) and foot reflexology.


Three weeks into the elimination diet for those doing it. Wednesday, Discussion of past home work, this week we put it all together exploring spirituality in Health, components in spiritual wellness and how to apply the lessons of natural healing we have learned. More More practice, homework and discussion on Dr. Vora's book (our text book) and foot reflexology. Thursday, Discussion of past homework, tonight we discover how we and the world interact, how healthy people create a healthy planet and why you are your own best doctor. Whereas, those taking dementia causing drugs have had 30 more days of exposure, students of this class have a whole new toolbox of natural healing modalities to consider including in their lives. You'll also have a system of healing that can be used on you, your family and friends. You'll have proof, through your own experience, the experience of your classmates and your experience with your home work clients. You'll also have a text book to refer to and a pathway to further studies.

Class dates are: TBA If you are interested, please drop me a note below.